10 Signs Of ADHD In Kids

February 06, 2020

Signs Of ADHD In Kids

What Is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, commonly known as ADHD is primarily a neurological disorder. It occurs mostly in children while their nervous system is still under development and can cause disruption in their overall growth. Everything, starting from the child's school life as well as his relationships with other people, gets affected. 

Individual symptoms of ADHD can be found in most of the children. But they don't necessarily lead to the disorder until they occur collectively. Hence if you are taking your child to your doctor, he has to evaluate the child on several criteria to better assess the situation. 

ADHD can generally be diagnosed in children by the time they become teenagers. According to a survey, the average age of children diagnosed with ADHD is seven years. 

Kids can sometimes be hard to understand. When a child can't sit still or is always fidgety, doesn't seem to listen to anything and does the most inappropriate things at the most inappropriate of times, he is generally termed as a troublemaker or a rude one. But, chances are, he might have ADHD. 

How Does It Look Like?

distinguish ADHD from normal kid behaviour

It can be challenging to distinguish ADHD from normal kid behavior. If you observe just a handful of symptoms and that too not on regular intervals, the chances are that it is not ADHD. But if the signs are recurring and consistent, there might be a need for special intervention. 

As a child, living with ADHD can be frustrating. Nobody just seems to get it. Plus, there is always that feeling of restlessness in your body that just doesn't seem to go. Hence, parents need to be careful while dealing with their children and help them overcome their daily challenges to bring a sense of calm in them. 

ADHD can show varying traits. One child suffering from it might be hyperactive, running around all the time while the other might just sit quietly in a corner. One might focus on the task too much while the other might not be able to focus at all. Thus the signs of ADHD depend on which characteristics dominate. 

10 Signs of ADHD

10 Signs of ADHD

While it is not a very difficult task to know that your child might have ADHD, you need to be on the lookout for some of the symptoms.

Ten common signs of ADHD, as observed in children, are:

#1 Self Centric Behaviour

A common sign observed across kids suffering from ADHD is their self-centric behaviour. They mostly think about themselves without any regard for those around them. While this might not come off as a surprise because children generally love to have their time, but extreme of it can be an alarming situation. In this, the children can't understand that there are people related to them who might be hurt because of their actions and just seem to be in their bubble. This can lead to violent behavior if they are denied something and can cause trouble handling them.

#2 Emotional Turmoil

A child suffering from ADHD can have a hard time keeping his emotions in check. He can be extremely violent in one minute and very calm in the next. They are generally observed to show extremes of emotions which can disrupt the lives of those around them. Plus they may exhibit the most inappropriate behavior at the worst of times. The so-called 'Temper Tantrums' might be one of the defining signs of ADHD.

#3 Lack of Focus

While there may be children suffering from ADHD who can be extremely or over-focused on the task at hand, most of them lack this ability. Even the most simple of tasks, such as talking to a person might be too hard for them to focus on. They will be hearing what you have to say, but they won't be able to reproduce the same. This can create a lot of issues in studies, leading to lower grades and stunted knowledge growth.

#4 Forgetfulness

A child suffering from ADHD might often forget things. He might forget what happened in his school today or what homework is he supposed to do. They may also forget where they kept their precious toys or how to play with them. This might be a big issue as they can get frustrated because they cannot play properly.

This situation can be curbed somewhat with the help of swing equipment. Swings are generally easy and fun to play one. So if you have space and can afford one, you can have a swing set installed in your back yard. This provides an easy and fun way for the child to play on and can prevent him from being frustrated all the time.

#5 Trouble Staying Organized

While children are generally messy, those suffering from ADHD can take things over the top. They can have trouble keeping a track of various tasks and activities and staying on top of them. This can create problems at school as they can have a hard time managing their studies, projects, homework, assignment, etc.

#6 Unfinished Tasks

Children suffering from ADHD can be interested in a wide range of things. But they have a hard time focusing on and completing one of them. Their attention is generally diverted into the various activities which they want to perform simultaneously at the same time.

For example - One moment he might be working on a Lego house, and in the next, you might find him playing outside in the mud. He might start with a project or an assignment but quickly lose interest in it, leaving it incomplete. This can give a hard time to parents too as such children can be all over the place and messy at times. They might turn the house upside down, leaving stuff at various places for the others to clean up.

#7 Trouble Waiting For Their Turn

Since they can be extremely impatient and self-centric, children suffering from ADHD can have trouble waiting. They can have trouble waiting in a queue at various places such as a takeaway restaurant, billing counters at supermarkets and other such places which are crowded and can have long lines of people waiting for their turn.

This might especially create problems in school where they have to wait for their turn during classroom activities and while playing games. This can be a reason for a lot of fights between them and their classmates. This can further affect their friendships and social life.

#8 Interrupting

ADHD suffering children can have a bad habit of butting in other people's business. They might interrupt others when they are talking and cause disruptions in a conversation. Also, they can come and but in a game which they are not a part of and demand playing. This can create a negative impact on the minds of other children and people who don't know what the child is suffering from.

#9 Mistakes

Children with ADHD can have problems executing a task as per the plan. They can have trouble following instructions no matter how clear they might be. While this isn't primarily a sign of lack of intelligence or laziness, it does lead to a lot of mistakes. It can also impact their career in the long run when they have to go for a job or work under supervision.

#10 Daydreaming

As said earlier, a child suffering from ADHD need not be loud and extremely expressive in behavior. In contrast to the popular opinion, he can be reticent and much less involved than other kids of his age. He might sit quietly in a corner, living inside his little bubble. He might stare into space, lost in his thoughts and without any care for anything happening around him. In this state, he might ignore people calling out to him, which can be a bit problematic in crowded places. 

Despite these signs, most of which can affect the child and those around him; adversely, ADHD isn't a measure of intelligence or talent in a child. He can be highly creative and much more intelligent than his peers and can imagine things much beyond his age. 

Children with ADHD are also more open and receptive to various ideas which can be a great thing. They generally explore many possibilities before finally settling down in one field. Also, they aren't boring! Yes, they might create problems sometimes, but they can be extremely fun people to have around on the best of their days. Plus they can exhibit high enthusiasm which can lift the spirits of those around them.
ADHD can be easily diagnosed and treated. It just requires a lot of patience while dealing with the kids. Parents should realize that their child isn't mentally ill or has is just not smart enough. They should appreciate their kid's individuality, accept it and work with them to make it better. They should make them understand various things and get them diagnosed as early as possible. It can be a hard job sometimes, but worth the smile on those little faces.

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