6 Fun-Loving Activities To Do At Home With The Kids

September 29, 2020

6 Fun-Loving Activities To Do At Home With The Kids

Want to engage kids in fun-loving tasks? But do not have any idea of how to play or busy your kids in the fun-loving activities? Don't worry; here we will discuss six fun activities to enjoy with your kids at home.

Sometimes it isn't easy to spend time with the kids or to go out and enjoy the fresh air with them. As you know, the new-gen children are highly energetic, so the parents must control their curiosity or exhaust their energy.

You may have many reasons to keep your kids at the house and not allow them to get out and play. The main factor behind this is the weather conditions or the parent's busy schedules.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is not safe for the children to play with their friends. Your little one is not feeling well in this pandemic period because they have never handled this situation before. It is hard for them to understand why their parents do not allow going outside, why they stay inside and rest? This thought comes into their minds because they are bored and unable to meet their friends and have almost nothing to do. So, you must engage them in fun-loving and exciting activities.

Today in this post, we have gathered and compiled six fun-loving activities that will keep your child busy for hours at home. We prepared the lists of activities for all age groups. You can adjust or modify the activities according to the energy and age level of your little ones. Let's cut all the jargon and dive quickly towards the list below.

Top 6 Fun-Loving Activities To Do At Home With The Kids

1. Den Or Cave Building

Den or cave building is the favorite activity for kids under the age group 1 to 10 years. When you were in the same age group, I bet you also loved to build a massive pillow fort. Children's imaginations are wild; they always think about building their dens or collecting materials for making caves. It would be best if you indulged them in making dens and caves for them.

This den making activity is one of the exciting activities that not only improve motor skills but also helps in improving their physical and mental skills. They create cave using pillows or bedsheets, collect materials for their shelters or read the story or play with the toys hidden inside their dens.

There are many ways to create a den or cave, but one of the easiest ways of creating a den is by using pillows, blankets, or bed sheets. You can also make a den by arranging the chairs in a queue and cove it with a blanket or bed sheet. Your kids will have great fun inside the cave.

2. Arrange Birthday Party For Your Kid's Favorite Toy

Kid's favorite toy is their best companion, and they share every feeling with their favorite one. In that case, if your child is feeling low and you want to cheer up their mood, it's time to add something new in their imagination. Well, it's totally up to you how to cheer up your child's mood.

But in our opinion, let's give their favorite toys a treat or a party. It may be a simple tea party with lights and music to cheer up the kid's mood. Or it may be a big party with lots of balloons, decoration, treat, music, and dance.

To add more fun and enjoyment to the party, you can also invite your kid's friends. This type of party changes your child's mind and the mood and gives your kids endless fun before, after, and during the party.

3. Rice Play

Rice play is one of the fantastic games to indulge your children in some fun activities. Rice play is not a messy game; you think it's a game of cleaning up the rice from teeny-tiny sand grains.

To play this game with the children, just put some uncooked rice in a tray or a bowl. Fill the rice tray with several other things like sand grains, pulses, or stones. Give it your children and ask them to filter the rice from the messy stuff.

4. A Housebound Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt is like the hide & seek, and the most interesting game that your children will surely love. This game is better fitted to the age group of 10-17years of children. It is an excellent game that enhances the creative and motor skills of your kids. It helps in the development of mental power and manages a child's curiosity.

To play this game, the first step is to create a map of your home. After that, hide some items like toys, objects, or whatever you want to hide all around in the house. Then mark the places in the map where you hide the objects. Explain the complete map to your children and ask them to find the hiding items.

To make this game more exciting, use word cards or clues to explain the hidden objects' places. Trust me; your kids will love this combo and enjoy a lot in this quiz and hunt activity. Once they found all the clues, tell them to arrange in order and praise them for their incredible results.

5. Kids Indoor Gym

If you don't allow the children to go out and play, it's time to engage them in physical and fun-loving tasks. How would it be if you transform your kid's room into a kid's gym? Well, I think the idea works because this activity busies your children and enhance their physical and mental growth. You can also place some sports stations according to the kid's age.

You can put the barriers in the room and ask children to cycle between them without touching it. It's time to jump on the spot; for this, you can put a trumpet in the room and ask your children to jump on it. You can also tie the rope around and tell them to perform summersaults with them. Or you can play "tug in the war" by making teams. Installing a swing set is another great option.

To make the task more competitive or to make it more interesting, you can use a stopwatch or timer for every activity. The real fun is when parents also join the competition with the kids.

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6. Life-Size Drawings

Drawing is a kid's one of the most favorite activities they perform in their spare time. We know every child loves art and crafts and wants to draw one or different things according to their imagination. But what happens if they get the opportunity to draw their feelings on a large surface.

To give them this kind of opportunity, you need to stick a few A4 sheets of paper on the ground. And encourage your children to outline all around the sheets with the pen. And also encourage them to draw whatever they want to draw with colors, accessories, stickers, stamps, etc.

Also, encourage them to use design clothes, stones, or other materials to make their drawings more attractive. Your children will put their energy in performing this activity and would love it. This art and craft activity adds real fun in their lives. For a treat, please give them a special reward or decorate their rooms.

Wrap Up

So, here the list ends for the top 6 fun-loving activities to do with your kids. We hope now you can easily manage your kids' curiosity and busy them in one or other fun-loving activities.

Thanks for spending your time and reading this article. There are other things to do at home, like cooking, coloring, indoor fashion show, etc. So, keep your child busy and engage them in different tasks and spend as much time as you can.

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