Fighting Virus And Surviving Lockdown While Staying At Home

May 16, 2020

Fighting Virus And Surviving Lockdown While Staying At Home

As you know, we all are facing severe coronavirus pandemic from the last few months. In a situation like this, most people are finding it challenging to stay calm at their homes, especially children and old age peoples.

Every day we see on the TV news or the newspaper that there is a drastic increase in the number of cases. And always think about what’s next. The fact is, we have never seen the empty roads or closed shops and markets like ever before. 

So, in this situation, it’s normal for us to be afraid and stressed out because no one was prepared for this epidemic. The government is actively taking many measures to control this pandemic. Not only the government but also scientists and doctors are playing a vital role in this lockdown pandemic. They all are busy discovering vaccinations and taking care of the patients. They continuously work on the health care facilities for the public. 

Why should only these people take care of our health? In our opinion, as a citizen of this country, we should also contribute to the nation by just taking care of our families’ health. Today, in this article, we will discuss some tips on what we can do by staying home to fight the virus. If you want to survive in this lockdown happily and healthily, then just read our article further and try these things as a routine in your daily lives.

How To Fight With COVID-19 Virus By Staying At Home!!

How To Fight With COVID-19 Virus By Staying At Home

1. Maintain Social Distancing: 

Social Distance is the primary weapon to fight this virus. Social distancing means maintaining at least 1ft distance between you and the person you are sitting with.

If you find any respiratory symptoms, infection, or acute symptoms like cold, cough, fever, etc., then don’t wait and rush to the doctor and get your Covid testing done.

If you are in contact with the COVID Carrier or the person whose symptoms are like flu, then quickly report the authorities or the nearest health care professionals.

2. Maintain Respiratory Hygiene

Always wear a mask or gloves when you go out to buy groceries or anything. Wash your hands multiple times and maintain complete hygiene. Also, don't touch your eyes/ face or nose with your hands. Always stay up-to-date with the accurate COVID information from WHO. This will definitely reduce the panic at your home and community upto some extent.

Respiratory Hygiene

 In today’s Era TV, Newspaper, and even social media platforms are full of COVID-19 news. We can’t judge which news is right and which is fake. So, it is crucial to check and verify the story before sharing it with others. Stay in touch with health care providers or reporters for accurate and reliable information.

Furthermore all news media platforms cover COVID-19 news, so you should set the time limit for news consumption. If you consume similar news 24*7, of course, you will be suffering from stress and tension. So, better is to consume limited news and, in the meantime, spend some precious moments with your family.

3. Manage Distress

Most of us are fond of news, but in this lockdown pandemic, we are listening to the stressful news stories like a number of increased cases, an increase in death, etc. By hearing or listening to this news all the time, we put ourselves in stress.

So, if you are in stress, better keep your mind calm and perform some stress-relieving activities. Well, stress Relieving activities like going to the gym, hanging out with friends, going for a movie or dinners are not safe and possible, so try to do some other stress-relieving activities.

Buying a swing set and swinging with your family and kids could also be a great way here to get rid of the stress. Not only that, swing sets, trapeze, pirate accessories and similar play tools can also help you with spending more time with your family and kids. 

4. Behavioural Activation And Self-Management 

Positivity plays the most vital role in relieving stress. So always be positive and think positive.

  • Try to chat and connect with your friends or loved ones via video calls, or play online games like Ludo, PubG with them. In the meantime, encourage your skills by dancing, cooking, reading, writing, etc. to boost up your mind.
  • Moreover, you can also spend time observing nature, making your favorite dish, or focusing on your career.
  • A healthy diet and a peaceful sleep make you happy and healthy in all ways. Add some healthy food to your meals like oats, poha, eggs, etc. Avoid intake of caffeine, alcohol, or tobacco. Keep your surroundings clean and spend a lot of your time with your family and kids.

5. Improve Resilience

Improving resilience basically means improving your bad habits or your fear in these challenging times.

  • Try to face the situation and get rid of your fear. Build your character and start challenging yourself.
  • Take care of yourself, your family, and your community. Always help people around you and organizations that need help.
  • Be mentally and emotionally fit and strong. Always engage yourself in mental activities. Keep track of your goal. 

Wrap Up

So, those are a few essential tips and tricks to fight Coronavirus pandemic by staying at home. We hope all of you follow this guide and put relevant activities into your routine.

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Thanks for your valuable time. Stay safe and stay healthy at your homes. For more genuine updates about COVID-19, follow us and stay tuned with us.

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