How To Help Your Kids Make And Keep Friends?

October 28, 2020

How To Help Your Kids Make And Keep Friends?

Every parent knows that school friends are essential in every kid’s life. Friends motivate us, enrich our lives, provide moral support, helps in increasing confidence, etc. 

Making friends in school is essential because friendship enhances the moral and emotional development of the kids. Not only do kids know how to communicate with others, but they also learn how to form successful peer relationships. 

But some children are introverted, so it is difficult for them to interact socially or make friends. If your children face trouble in making and keeping friends or playing with other children, it should be a matter of stress for you. Of course, parents cannot make friends for their kids; they only help develop social skills in them. 

In this article, we will tell you some ways that allow children to build a quality friendship.

Why Friendship Is So Important?

Friendship is meaningful because friends are a wonderful part of our journey. From problems to happiest moments, you share everything with your buddies. Making friends is a vital part of a child’s development. Friendships not only help in building self-esteem but also provide a protective barrier against any problem. 

Your kids can also learn various essential skills in a group of friends, like communicating or collaborating with others, solving problems in a group, and gaining leadership quality. 

Friends company reduces peer pressure, encourages to deal with the situations, and builds interest in things. From toddlers to being an adult, friendship is vital at almost every age. So, it’s never too early or never too late for making friends. 

How Can Parents Help Kids In Making Friends?

How Can Parents Help Kids In Making Friends

Making friends is a skill, which is not gifted to every child. But making and keeping friends is not a difficult task; it takes a little practice and patience. 

The first and foremost step is to identify how your child feels. And then try to know the child’s opinion about friendship. Once you get all the answers, try to socialize them with the social world. Here are some crucial elements you must know.

Build Conversational Skills

Conversational skills play a vital role while making friends. Your child must know how to start and maintain a conversation with others. They also learn how to start a refined discussion using questions like “What you do” or “Do you have any pets?”. 

This type of conversation helps in talking confidently with others. You can also take help from some illustrative television shows. You can even notice the body language and voice of tone while communicating with the children. These types of techniques help in building conversational skills among kids. 

Work On Social Skills

If your child is introverted and doesn’t have friends, it’s time to introduce them to the social world. It is difficult for the children to control their anger at the middle childhood age when they don’t find their way. If you notice that your child is sitting alone in the class and is struggling to interact with the peers, he/she needs coaching at home.

Talk to your children and spend some quality time with them. Tell them that friends expect good and the same behavior from you. You should know that children copy their parents in almost every manner. So, be careful that you always demonstrate good social behavior while talking with the family members in front of children. 

Setup Playzone At Your Home 

If you want your child to interact with other kids, one of the best ways is to install some jungle gym kingdom tools and accessories at your home. Play tools like Swing sets and pirate ships wheel etc. encourage kids to get involved socially. 

What you can do is install the one and invite kids from your neighborhood to play with your child. This will indeed allow your child to interact with the outer world and make friends. 

If you want to buy swing sets or any other jungle gym accessories, you can visit the Jungle Gym Kingdom Amazon store. 

Look For Opportunities

If your children do not have friends, it is the possibility that he/she does not get enough opportunity to interact with the outer world. The best way to solve this issue is to involve the child in plenty of activities with the same age group children. Because of similar interests, they interact with each other, and it’s a great way to make new friends.

Moreover, also involve the children in outside activities to boost their energy and personality. Don’t make hectic schedules or plans; follow your child’s interests and needs as long as they are right.

Helping Shy Kids

Some kids are hesitating and take more time to open up to new people. If your child is shy and cannot easily interact with the other kids, you must give them the freedom to make new friends. 

For this, you plan a play date at your home and call your child’s friends. There is a huge possibility that your child starts interacting with others during play. Again, you may find jungle gym accessories and tools handy here.

Furthermore, you can also involve your child in cool activities like swimming, sports, science class, clubs, etc. They interact with many other children of the same interests at these places and make friends according to their interests. 

At these clubs, they learn a lot of skills like communication, adjusting, leadership, etc. Overall it’s a personality development task for your kids.

When Making Friends Is Hard...

If your child is still facing any problems in making friends, try to observe what wrong with your child, why he/she cannot interact with the other kids. First, you have to notice your child; is your child too bossy, clingy or shy? If your child is domineering or aggressive, try to coach at home. Tell them some cool ways of interacting with friends. 

Be sure your children do not feel shame in front of their friends. Just explain that it is not the right way to interact; try some calm and cool way. This concept is more apparent by role-playing strategy. Just pretend you are a friend who comes to play with your child. Tell them the most appropriate way to communicate and interact. 

Kids who still face problems in making friends need medical therapy or counseling. It may be the case of ADHD, Autism, anxiety, etc. which occurs when children resist talking outside their comfort zone.

Wrap Up

So, those are some ways that can help your children in making and keeping friends. Friends are always there in every part of life. No one can imagine their life without buddies. So, help your child make good and real friends and avoid fake ones. 

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