How To Help Your Child Lose Weight?

December 10, 2019

Help Your Child Lose Weight

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Want to know how you can help your child lose weight? Here we are going to hell you. We are neither doctors, nor weight loss training expert, but there are a few useful tips that we want to share with you. These tips will definitely help you see the results in a few weeks.

Obesity in children has become a common issue these days. According to the CDC, more than 15% of 6 to 9 years kids were overweight in 1999 to 2000. The source has also confirmed that due to obesity in kids, more and more children were being diagnosed with obesity-related health issues, like Type II Diabetes and High Cholesterol.

Well, there's no magical way to help your child lose weight in just one day. However, with long term lifestyle modification and change in eating habits can help your kid lose weight over time. You might notice some good weight loss results within the first month.

Here are tips that we think can help your kid lose weight:

7 Tips On How To Help Your Child Lose Weight

#1 Set Some Goals For Your Kid

Obviously, your child is still growing, and thus, it's good to help them maintain a healthy weight rather than lose weight. As your kid will grow taller without gaining the right weight, he or she will naturally look slim.

However, if your child is more obese or overweight, losing one pound weight every week could be a good goal.

#2 Encourage Your Kid To Do Exercise

If your kid starts doing any type of aerobic activity, he or she will begin to expending calories. Walking, swimming, swinging, jogging, etc. are some of the best ways to burn calories effectively.

Furthermore, you can also encourage your kids to participate in outdoor activities like swinging to be more active. Also, tell your kid to walk instead of driving and take the stairs instead of the elevator. These are very basic tips, but will definitely help your child lose weight over time.

#3 Eat Only Nutritious And Healthy Food

Help Your Child Lose Weight

It will be a great start by encouraging your kid to have three small meals each day, along with two small snacks. This won't make them feel hungry for long, and further, it will lead to binging.

Give your kids lots of fruits and vegetables and encourage them to drink as much water as they can.

#4 Modify The Eating Habits Of Your Family

Another good tip here is to tell your child to eat only when he or she feels hungry and not when they're not. Also, it will be an excellent suggestion for you to serve the meal either in the kitchen or dining room where there are no distractions like television or anything else. Fact is, usually when kids eat while watching television, they are not aware of the quantity of the food he or she has consumed or consuming and thus they might end up overeating.

#5 Follow Up With Pediatrician

Another right way to help your child lose weight is by taking them to the doctor every 15 days for a weight check and blood tests. We suggest you avoid the weigh-ins at your home. The fact is, the small change in weight can cause added stress to the child.

#6 Support Your Kid

Above all, it's all about supporting your child to lose weight healthily. And to support, your entire family might have to change the way of eating. Also, you need to make sure that there's not a lot of junk food kept in your house. We suggest you keep a cut-up carport stick and celery as well as fruit on hand.

Furthermore, start making healthy low-fat meals for your entire family so that everyone at your home stays fit and lives a healthy and happier life. Above all, be supportive and encourage your child to lose weight instead of getting angry.

Golden Tip:

We all know that swinging on a swing set is an ultimate fun, and it's a good exercise as well. Every hour you spent on a swing set, you burn approximately 200 calories. Also, swinging is a form of exercise that almost every kid loves. So, if you want to help your kids lose weight, surprising him or her anytime soon by gifting a swing set could be a great idea.

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So, that's all you can do to help your child lose weight. We hope you have enjoyed reading this post. For more such posts and updates, stay tuned with the Jungle Gym Kingdom. Thanks for reading this post here on our web page.

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