Guide To Make Your Backyard Sensory For Children

October 08, 2019

Guide To Make Your Backyard Sensory For Children

Your kids need to experience and develop all their senses early on in life. It is equally necessary for them to engage in physical activities and play outside. 

What if we say you can kill two birds with one stone by integrating sensory and outdoor play activities in your backyard?

Yes, you can! And we are going to tell you how you can do so in this post. We have researched and implemented the ideas in our own backyard space and observed that kids love it. So, rest assured that following the features and ideas that we are going to share today will surely help your kid in getting the not out of playing outside. 

Here we are going to share three amazing ideas and features that you can actually implement or add to your backyard space to help your kids get the most out of playing outside. 

Three Ways You Can Make Your Backyard Sensory Heaven For Your Kids 

Here are three ideas to make your garden the best playing space for your kids. Just read the thoughts and try implementing them today in your garden to see how your kids react and enjoy outside play. 

The Rope And Bucket Pulley Implementation Idea 

Rope And  Pulley System Kids Play

What makes your kids happy, and they love is "feeling of accomplishment." And, when it comes to expressing such feelings, the rope and bucket pulley comes into the picture as an ideal solution. Yes, rope and pulley system is the perfect way for your kids to express the feeling of accomplishment. 

It's not about expressing feelings only, but it also helps them in enhancing their gross motor skills by filling the bucket, raising it, dropping it down, and getting to empty its contents. It's a fun addition to your backyard that adds repetitive entertainment and keeps your kids occupied for hours. 

Furthermore, to create a rope and pulley system, all you need to do is tie a rope to the handle of the bucket and tie several knots on at the rope end so that your kids can grab it with proper grip. Once you're done with tying the knots, look for an open spot on the beam where the swing is connected. 

Next, you need to throw the rope over the beam, which holds the swings. Also, you should pull the excess cord until you find the bucket has sat flat on the ground. Make sure you have filled the bucket with some fun things like a cut cup pool needle, foam building blocks etc. 

Install Swing Set- "The Tire Swing"

Tire Swing

Breaking up the action on playset could be a great idea, and that can be done quickly by adding a tire swing into the mix. Tire swings can offer your kids a unique kind of swinging experience. Swinging on tire swing sets allow kids to sit high, hold tight and pump their legs gets started with the swing action. Following these swinging steps, your kids can develop and enhance their gross motor skills and allowing them at the same time to have a lot of fun. 

It's pretty easy to attach tire swing to the playset; you just need to buy multi-chain tire swing. Chains sold by JungleGymKingdom store are coated in soft plastisol, and that prevents chain rusting issues and fingers from being hurt. Moreover, if you want to build the tire swing own your own, make you buy the right hardware and accessories to ensure the best safety for your kids. 


Tightrope is can actually strengthen many muscles in your kid's body. These are one of the most excellent ways to strengthen their legs, arms, and practice their balance to enhance their core. Tightrope is also very useful in improving climbing skills and coordination. 

To create a tightrope in your backyard space, all you need to do is locate two different trees that are about six feet or more apart and are ideal for the tightrope. Furthermore, feel free to make your own anchor by installing some wooden poles in your backyard space. 

Next, you need to take one piece of rope and wrap that around the trunk of the tree just a few inches off the ground. Repeat the same step with the other end of the rope and tree. You need to keep a few feet space above the bottom rope keeping tiny people in your mind. 

Do you want to buy some Jungle Gym accessories or swing sets today? Visit the Jungle Gym Kingdom Store to buy the best quality Jungle Gym products and accessories today!


So, that's everything you can do to make your backyard sensory for children. We hope you have enjoyed reading this post, and it has delivered some great information and ideas to you. Do follow The Jungle Gym Kingdom for more such posts and updates.

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