Ways To Teach Your Kid To Pump While On Swing

November 08, 2019

Ways To Teach Your Kid To Pump While On Swing

Are you going to be there in the playground with your preschooler? Well, it's one of the finest ways for your child to have fun, but with every slide, seesaw, and jump, they will be exercising and improving their overall gross motor skills as well.

In fact, swinging on a swing set can also help your child in practicing the coordination as well to hone the large muscles of their legs and hands, not only by being pushed but also by learning how to pump themselves. 

First Of All, You Need To Know Whether Your Child Is Ready Or Not?

Ways To Teach Your Kid To Pump While On Swing

Pumping on a swing set might sound very simple. However, it's actually a quite complicated maneuver. There are a few things that need to happen first before your little one can learn how to do it. The first thing you need to do is to ensure that your child is comfortable on a big-kid swing rather than swinging high on a bucket type swing set. For your information, bucket type swing sets are very much harder for your kid to self pump. 

Your kid should have some balance, and he or she must keep a grip on the ropes of chains tight while being on the swing seat. Well, you need to tell this to your kids a few times, and they will automatically be on the right track. Also, it might take several playground playing sessions for them to get comfortable with the new sensation of sitting on a non-bucket type swing set. 

Here comes a safety tip for your kid:

When walking around the playground or near any swing set, remind your kid to be very aware. This is because other people might be swinging on the swing set, and this can accidentally hurt your kid. It's good to tell your kid to not walk directly behind or in front of an occupied swing set

What About The Techniques That Need To Be Followed On A Swing Set? 

Ways To Teach Your Kid To Pump While On Swing

Once you're sure that your kid is ready for it, it's time to explain techniques in the best and most comfortable way possible to him or her. You need to tell your kid that he or she is going to be in charge of making the swing go high instead of anyone's pushes. 

The best way to start explaining things to your kid is getting on a swing set yourself. Let your kid watch how you do it, swing, and pump through legs on the ground and ride. When you start riding the swing set, give your kid play-by-play details of all the things you're doing, for example, legs in and legs out details and instructions. 

Next, when you think it's time for your kid to follow your footsteps, walk him or her through it. Also, try to explain how she or he should bend the legs when heading backward and to straighten the leg when moving forward. 

Depending on the comfort level of your kid, you may want to pump your swing or stand next to your kid as he or she pumps. 

6 Useful Tips For Parents 

Tip #1: It's always good to find low hanging swings. This is because it will be easier for your kid to get off and on alone.

Tip #2: Not necessary, but if you're comfortable, try to bring your kid into your lap while pumping your legs and swing. This will explain how the motion supposed to go in the best and easiest way possible to your kid. 

Tip #3 It could be a great idea to stand right in front of the swing and hold your hands. Next, ask your kid to touch your hands as she swings with her feet. This will improve her balance on the swing for sure. 

Tip #4: "Kick The Sky" is also a good lesson that you should teach your kid when he or she is on the swing set. Tell them to kick the sky when moving forward on the swing set and to be turtle by hiding and tucking the legs when moving back. 

Tip #5: One of the most important aspects of learning how to pump on the swing set is to remember when to what motion during the overall process. 

Tip #6: You will have to be patient. Please understand that your kid won't master it right away and may ask you again to give a push. It requires several sessions and practice to learn how to pump while on the swing set. So, your patience is a must throughout the learning process. 

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