7 Ways To Keep Your Kids Active

July 01, 2019

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Are you looking for the best ways to keep your kids active? Well, here you've arrived on the right webpage, and today we are going to introduce you to some of the practical and effective ways to do so and fight childhood obesity and other issues too.

Parenting was never so easier, and it won't be that easier in future too. Childhood obesity and sedentary behaviour are two of the widespread problems every parent are dealing with these days. Well, both these problems are something new to the parenting world, and therefore your parents or grandparents might not have all the answers to help you deal with it. However, there is nothing to worry because we know how to deal with these two problems and how to keep your kids active. 

So, let's start exploring some of the most effective ways to keep your kids active even if they are too lazy. 

7 Ways You Can Keep Your Kids Active 

#1 Always Make Your Kid Feel Supported

One of the best ways to keep your kids active is to make them feel supported. Yes, encouraging your kids to participate in games like soccer or basketball can make them active. 

According to reports, kids who receive support from their parents are more likely to participate in sports. In other words, once your kid will start participating in sports, they will start spending less time sitting around than those whose parents fail to give them a push. 

So, yes, if you want to keep your kids active, one of the best ways to encourage physical activity is to make them feel supported. 

#2 Swinging Can Also Keep Your Kids Active And Aid Development In Many Areas

ways to keep your kids active junglegymkingdom

As you know, swinging is a widespread playground activity that can aid your kid's development in most areas. Swings can actually help them with balance and teach them to know where the body is in space. 

Furthermore, it will also help your kid in practicing the fine motor skills (that's to grip the chain), and gross motor skills (that's pumping legs to swing higher) and coordination (that's about putting it all together). 

What's more? Well, swinging can also help their brain learn the speed and directional parameters and sense, especially beneficial for kids with visual perception problems.

Furthermore, you can also install a swing set up at your home at the best price. Yes, The Jungle Gym Kingdom can help you buy the best quality swings and other related tools for the setup at a very competitive and reasonable cost. Click here and explore everything yourself to buy a swing today and aid your child's development.

#3 Always Instruct Your Kid By Showing, Not Telling

First of all, stop believing in the phrase "Keep Your Eyes On The Ball." Want to know why? Because for the very first time, most kids will hear it, but in reality, they really don't have any idea what actually you're talking about. 

So, it is always good to show your kids how to do what you actually want them to do. It will definitely work, and you will be amazed at how quick your kids will learn and mirror your actions. 

So, the third rule to keep your kids active and encourage physical activity is to stop telling and start showing them what and how to do things

#4 Plan Play Dates With Friends To Keep Your Kids Active

ways to keep your kids active junglegymkingdom

Do you remember your childhood days of running around with your neighbourhood kids from dawn till dusk? Don't you think that was fun? Well, for your information, it's also one of the best ways to keep your kids in shape. According to research and researchers, kids with active neighbourhood playmate are twice or thrice more likely to be physically fit and active than the kids with no nearby playmates. 

So, the idea is to plan play dates for your kids with their friends and watch them performing physically and growing actively. . 

#5 Food Is Not Always A Good Reward For Your Kids 

Childhood obesity has become one of the pressing issues for every parent. We all want our kids to eat healthily, but then we start rewarding them with junk food for all their good behaviour and actions. 

Well, we are not against occasional treats, but rewarding your kid consistently with candy and ice creams will deliver them a wrong message. So, do keep this fact in your mind if you want to keep your kids active, encourage physical activity and fight against childhood obesity. 

#6 Turn Off The TV

If you want your kids to get off the coast, you should definitely turn your TV off.  Fact is, what TV shows your kid is an imaginary world in most shows, and therefore, your kid will become isolated from this practical world. Also, it's the TV that makes most kids lazy. Once you allow your kids to watch TV, whenever they want, they will stop participating in real-world activities because TV shows will attract them more. 

So, the best idea is to turn your TV off and encourage your kids to participate in real-world activities and sports. Just do this for a week and check out the changes in your kid's activities and behaviour. 

However, please note that we are not telling you to get rude with your kid. Of course, you will have to allow your kids to watch a few short shows and that's fine. 

#7 Always Keep Play Fun

kids swing chair to keep them active

When your kids are playing, don't care much about the rules. If you make an activity or game too rigid, you will be pushing your kid not to be active. 

Furthermore, when it comes to patenting, your primary job is to facilitate the play, not dictate it. What we actually want to say is just follow your kid even if he stops playing a game and starts chasing a butterfly in the field. As long as your kids will be jumping, running and having fun, they will be enhancing their athletic ability and health. So, do support and follow them. 


So, those are some of the best practical ways to keep kids active and ways to encourage physical activity. We are sure that these tips will surely help you in making your lazy kids active. Furthermore, do follow us for more such posts and updates related to kids development and game related stuff. Thanks for reading this post here at junglegymkingdom.com.

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